Privacy & Policy

Paisacube, the sole owner of the website is committed to protect and respect privacy of its users in all respects. We aim at presenting our users with the most fulfilling and comprehensive internet experience which is why Paisacube offers a vast collection of popular online sites with their variety of services. The information that we collect from users is generally classified as (i) information supplied by users and (ii) information that automatically gets tracked during the navigation process.
Henceforth, this privacy policy sets out the basis on which we will process any personal data that we collect from you, or that is provided to us. As you continue to use the Site and its services, you agree to the collection, storage, and use of the personal information that you provided us while using the services that we offer.
Your continued use of this app also means that Paisacube has your consent to send necessary communication regarding use of the Site, its product and/or services. This communication can be done through different media which Paisacube has permission to use. So, users are requested to please read the following carefully to completely understand our views and practices regarding your personal data application and how we will treat it.

User Information That We May Collect

In order to use and enjoy services of the Site, users need to provide certain information about them to complete the registration process. These include but not limited to
Email address
Mailing Address
Password and the like
Besides the above, sometimes information is also collected through surveys and used for research purposes. However, users have the choice not to participate in such surveys.
Such information, as freely available and accessible in the public domain, or if furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005, any rules made there-under or any other law for the time being in force, hence is not considered as sensitive data.
The information like name, mailing address, email id and phone number are used to process user requests done through The details as collected about the users are also used to improve performance of the Site and to provide them with user-friendly experience. Paisacube can use the user information to strengthen its services and to develop new services.

Web Log File Information

Paisacube collects certain information about your Internet connection like the IP address, your last visit to our site, the applications and services that you have used and the mobile number. Besides these, the weblog file information is further collected from your device, which includes but not limited to the device name and serial number or unique identification number, the operating system of the device, the browser type and version, CPU and connection speed and the like. Some information is automatically received and logged from your browser, like the IP address, operating system you use, browser type and version, CPU and connection speed and so on.

Information Sourced From Others

We can collect certain information that you may have shared with third parties like our business partners, dealers, platform providers and any other source to whom we provide service. Generally such information contains your account number and order details. We may also collect updated details from third parties and correct our records to render better services and communication to you.

Demographic Trends and Order Related Info

To ensure targeted communication and promotion we use other resources like Google Analytics. Such tools are used for the sole purpose to monitor user behaviour on our Site and demographic trends. Reports generated by these tools are totally anonymous and can't be related to any personal detail that you may have shared with Paisacube.

Cookies and Related Technologies

"Cookies", or similar electronic tools are used from time to time, to improve responsiveness to user problems. These are used to collect only that much information needed to assign a unique, random number to each visitor. This is called the User Identification (User ID) which helps understand each user's individual interests and browsing pattern while using that specifically identified computer.
Even if we assign a cookie to your computer, unless you volunteer to identify yourself e.g. through the registration, we will have no way of identifying the user. The cookie contains only that much personal information that you have provided yourself. Though a cookie is stored on the hard drive of your computer but there is no way it can access your hard drive data.
Sometimes our advertisers and third parties may also assign their own cookies to your browser when you click on their specific advertisements, a process on which we have no control. The information is used to show you advertisements that match your particular interests and also to track your responses to ads.
Paisacube can receive and store specific information whenever you interact with us via the website, the application or our service through your computer, laptop, mobile or other such devices.

Using Third Party Services / Ad Servers

Paisacube or its application may contain links to third-party websites or applications which are regulated by their respective privacy policies. Such policies are beyond our control. Once you leave Paisacube server, the use of information that you provide is completely controlled by the privacy policy of that specific operator of the application, whom you are visiting. That policy may not be same as us. In case the privacy policy of any of these third party sites via a link from the application's homepage is missing then you need to contact the application or website owner for precise information.
Third-party advertising companies are used by Paisacube to serve ads to its Site visitors or application users. Thus the information that we share with these advertisers is to help them understand our user behaviour and substantiate the value of advertising on our websites or applications. The information is usually conveyed in the form of aggregated statistics detailing traffic to various pages and/ or content within our websites or applications. These third party companies may use such information about your visits to this and other websites or application, to serve advertisements about different goods and services that may interest you. Without user consent we never share any personally identifiable information to these third party websites / advertisers / ad-servers.

Sharing of User Information

Paisacube never share any personally identifiable information with third party websites/servers, without prior consent. In case any sensitive personal information is shared with any third party without obtaining consent from the user that happens in the limited circumstances as explained below:
a) When the information is requested or needed to be disclosed to the judiciary, court or any government body or authority for the purpose of identity verification. Such situations may arise to detect, investigate or prevent any sort of crime, especially related to cyber offences. The information is shared to help in the prosecution and punishment of such offences. Such disclosures are made in good faith and belief that the disclosure is reasonably needed to enforce these Terms and to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.
b) Paisacube further proposes to share such information within its group companies, their officers and employees. This is done to process personal information on our behalf. We also take care that these recipients of such sensitive information have given their consent to use and process such information following our instructions only and in compliance with this Privacy Policy. We further ensure that they abide by appropriate confidentiality and security norms.

Rights to Access, Update and Eliminate User Information

As you use Paisacube website, we make best efforts to provide access to your personal information as and when requested by you. We shall further ensure that any sensitive data or personal information found to be inaccurate, incorrect or inadequate shall be corrected, updated or deleted as feasible, subject to requirement if any, for such sensitive personal data or information to be retained by law or for legitimate business purposes.
We ask every user to identify him or her and the information requested to be accessed, updated or removed before processing such requests. We may decline to process such requests that are unreasonable, or impractical, or require disproportionate technical effort, or compromise the privacy of other users, or for which access is not otherwise needed.
When we provide information access, correction and deletion, these services we perform free of charge, except in cases when a disproportionate effort is needed to carry out such services. Due to the way we maintain certain services, once you delete your information, the elimination of the residual copy may take a certain time before they are completely removed from our active servers. Also some information is retained by us even after the account is closed. Further note that certain information may still be retained and displayed by our third party advertisers, even after you have deactivated the Paisacube account.

Security of User Information

Paisacube adopts appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of user data. To ensure this, we carry out internal reviews of the methods of data collection, storage and processing. We further conduct close assessment of security measures, including necessary encryption as well as physical security measures to stop unauthorized access to the systems where user personal data is stored.
Paisacube maintains a well-controlled database where the entire user information gathered by Paisacube or third party websites, is securely stored. The database is stored on servers which are protected by the Firewall. Access to the servers is protected by password and is strictly limited to valid users only.
However, irrespective of our best efforts, we can't assure complete invincibility of the security measures and security systems. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the database security, nor can we guarantee that the information provided by you will never be intercepted during the time of data transfer to us over the internet.
If you have provided any information against any posting on the discussion forum, that can be accessed by anyone with Internet connection. The internet being an ever evolving medium, we keep changing our privacy policy and security measures to match the pace of technological advancements.
Paisacube uses third-party advertising companies and servers to display ads that you see on visiting our Site. These companies may use information regarding your visits to this and other websites in order to provide tailored advertisements about goods and services that you might be looking for.

Our Communication With Users

As you continue to use Paisacube that is construed as your consent to receive periodic communication from our end about the use of this site, products or services offered by us and our subsidiary sites. This communication can be done through any medium that Paisacube is entitled to use, like e-mails, promotional SMS, push notifications, and so on.
By using our Website or by sending emails or other data, information or communication to us, you understand and agree that you are communicating with us through electronic records. You also consent to receive electronic communications from us at regular intervals or as and when required. We reserve the right to communicate with you via email or via other modes of communication, electronic or otherwise.
You can change your contact preferences at any given time by logging into your Paisacube account and changing the settings related to your email notification choices. You can even opt-out of receiving promotional emails by sending a request to our customer service section.

Queries and Grievances

If you want to lodge any complaint, or express concerns or want to comment about the Site content or its breach of privacy policy terms then that shall be immediately informed to the designated Grievance Officer in writing or through email signed with the electronic signature to:
To lodge complaints, we request you to please provide the following information:-
? A physical or e-signature, or any person authorized to act on behalf of him/her
? Contact details like the address, telephone number, e-mail address of the complainant

Privacy Policy Changes

Any change in the privacy policy will be duly posted on this page, and may appear as notices on other pages of the Site. Your continued use of the Site will imply your agreeing to any such changes.