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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions mentioned herewith is for all kinds of online services that you use for Paisa Cube; the policy includes all kinds of agreements that users need to abide whether individually or in a group to our legal terms which are mentioned here. The terms and conditions include all kinds of products, online services, any kind of application or software for which either Paisa Cube is a creator or a distributor. It also includes all kinds of information, content, images and offers which are mentioned on our website; the list of websites included paisacube.com and all the subdomains of paisacube.com.
The intention of the Terms and conditions mentioned here is not to limit your usage of our services but to ensure a transparent and hassle free relationship between us. Hence it is an ardent request from our end that you go through all the Terms and conditions mentioned here and get a clear picture about our way of work, policies and guidelines and comply to the same to be on the same page with us regarding our services, products and offers which are regularly showcased on our website, paisacube.com and the sub-domain.
Below are a list of definitions which will help you get a better understanding of our terms and conditions. The definitions include but are not limited to its meanings as stated below:
Agreement: This refers to the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy, specific conditions, eligibility details, legal criteria and terms of use of various products and services present on the website. The term agreement also means that the user acknowledges his/ her acceptance of the changes, updates, modifications and any changes made on the terms and conditions. Whenever and wherever the work agreement is mentioned on the paisa Cube website it means we are referring to these changes in the terms and conditions and also we are referring to your acceptance of the terms and conditions.
Website/ Site: Whenever we refer to website or site we are actually referring to the online platform of Paisa Cube. This website is owned by Paisa Cube and gives a specific location to users to find and use coupons, deals and discount offers on hundreds of online affiliated stores. We also allow users to earn cashback and further points from the stores.
Customer/ Buyer: We have used these terms along with "user" several times in the terms and conditions and throughout the website. These terms refer to a person or a legal entity who accepts the offer for sale of goods or services by placing an order on our website. It also includes all those individuals or groups who buy coupons and avail discount coupons from our website. On a broader term this also includes individuals who have registered on the website and have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of Paisa Cube. Customers are also those people who select a link from the website of Paisa Cube and go to the affiliated site of any other company to buy good, products or services, depending on the situation. Customers refer to people who claim to have gone through our website and have read all the terms and conditions and then have chosen our services on their sole discretion and without any enforcement from our end or from the end of the advertisers or distributors of Paisa Cube.
User/ You/ Your words have been frequently used at our website. These words mean and include but are not limited to people who are using our services. It refers to the person who is reading the sentence at present, to people who are going through the information present on the website specifically at that point of time and going through the respective information. It also includes but is not limited to vendors or sellers or company who access the website of Paisa Cube with the purpose of hosting, publishing, sharing, displaying, transacting or uploading information, comments or feedback on the website along with other members, groups or as a representative of an organization.
We, Us or Our words have been used in the website to describe or mean only Paisa Cube as our company. Through these words we do not refer to any 3rd party links which are mentioned in the website or we also do not refer to online merchants through these words.
Products refer to goods, services promoted or displayed on our site and have been placed on the site with the intention of sale. Goods also refer to applications, software and tools present on the site.
Online Purchases refer to the online platform of our company, that is, our website paisacube.com where users and customers are permitted to make transactions, buy through online merchants or through cash, choosing from the products and services displayed on Paisa Cube site.
We understand that the individual or the aspiring customer of Paisa Cube is going through all the guidelines and is willing to abide by all these policies. To ensure that
1. The customer or user or the interested individual has complete understanding of the terms and conditions, please confirm that you have reached a minimum of 18 years on papers as required by government. We also permit individuals below 18 years to use our services but have strict guidelines regarding the same. If you are under 18 years of age, by reading this agreement you ensure that
(a) You use these services only with the consent of your parents or legal guardians, as per the case.
(b) You also confirm that while you are using the online services, purchasing applications provided or distributed by us or going through our website content, you have your parents or legal guardians along with you.
(c) If you are under 18 years of age and want to use our services then you also confirm that the registered user account that you have on paisacube.com is of your legal guardian or parents.
2. You agree that
(a) You are a registered user of our website before you upload any content, which includes but is not limited to information, write-ups, images, comments or feedback.
(b) You agree to provide all your details in the mentioned fields on the online registration form available at paisacube.com, which includes but is not limited to your complete name, age, complete address (both permanent and current), name of your legal guardian or parents (whichever, wherever applies), your home phone number, mobile number, email address or email addresses whichever is applicable.
(c) You agree to take this registration seriously and provide all valid details of your personal information, addresses and name of your legal guardian or parents to the best of your knowledge.
(d) You ensure that the details provided match with the details of your legal identity proof and address proof.
(e) You are not allowed to provide email addresses which have a temporary life span. Non- traceable email ids are considered invalid.
3. Before you register you agree to
(a) Go through all the points carefully.
(b) Check regularly for updates and modifications being made in the Terms and Conditions made on the website of paisacube.com.
(c) Not to ignore any changes in the agreement and comply by the same to be in a healthy relationship with paisacube.com.
(d) Understand that any amendment made in the agreement makes you by default agree to the changes.
(e) Understand that amendments include new additions in terms and conditions, changes or alterations in terms and conditions, revision of existing guidelines and policies.
4. You also know that
(a) Clicking any of the logging options on our website, paisacube.com makes us believe that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Paisa Cube website, company or organization.
(b) The logging options which make you bound to our legal guidelines include but are not limited to Register, Join, Sign Up or Sign In options available at the website.
(c) The site has specific terms and conditions.
(d) You need to abide by these specific site terms and conditions once you log in the website.
(e) You need to abide by these guidelines when using services on the site.
(f) You need to abide by the policies when accessing any page of the site.
(g) You need to abide by the rules when purchasing or using any service of the site.
(h) You need to abide by all the defined guidelines when buying or using any application from the site.
(i) The applications included on the site for which you are bound by the terms and conditions of paisacube.com may be created, distributed or promoted by the company.
(j) Some of the tools and applications which are made available to the user on our website can have additional guidelines of usage.
(k) When you are accessing the site, you confirm that you abide by all the rules and regulations as mentioned on the website, irrespective of the fact that these are related to any specified application, tool or is common for all the content, images, tools, applications and services available on the website.
5. If you do not find that any clause is valid, or you feel that any specific term stands void or the condition is enforceable for any known or unknown reason, then you agree that you have been made aware of the fact that
(a) The other terms and conditions remain intact and the user needs to abide by all the rest terms and conditions.
(b) That specific void or invalid term or condition shall be marked as severable and will in no way affect the validity or credibility of the rest of the terms and conditions that exist for the company on its website or on the subdomains.
6. You are also made aware of the additional facts of the terms and conditions mentioned in this page, which include but are not limited to
(a) This agreement can be changed by Paisa Cube time to time as per the changing needs of the company and legal demands of the country within which it operates.
(b) It will not be possible for Paisa Cube as an organization to circulate the news to every user of its services, applications or services and to the visitors of its website about the changes in terms and conditions that has happened.
(c) User or visitor of the site is solely liable to visit the site frequently and check the changes.
(d) The modifications made in the terms and conditions will be immediately effective upon posting on the paisacube.com website.
(e) There is no special written document (neither online nor hardcopy) is required from the user or visitor to prove that he/ she accepts the altered terms and conditions.
(f) The continued services, software, application and website of Paisa Cube from user end will be considered as an acceptance of the changed policies and guidelines.
(g) Paisa Cube gets the right to make this change in Terms and Conditions enforceable by the court or a local arbitrator of the region where the company exists and the website gets is permission for other activities, contents and software applications.
(h) The court or legal entity also declares these terms and conditions to be on prospective basis only, considering the events occurring after the date of such changes, to the extent to which it is essential to make the changes in the terms and conditions enforceable.
7. By reading these terms and conditions users also agree that
(a) They are not supposed to access the website content in an unauthorized way.
(b) They are not allowed to reproduce the content mentioned in this page or on any other page of Paisa Cube in any other way.
(c) Legal actions can be taken on individuals who try to manipulate the products, applications, software, tools and services of Paisa Cube.
(d) Legal actions can also be taken if individuals or groups or any organization tries to create a bad impression about Paisa Cube in the market by retransmitting the content and then exploiting the services of Paisa Cube.
(e) Users are also not allowed to copy or save any part of the content.
8. Individuals or groups are also made aware of the legal bindings which include
(a) The terms and conditions of Paisa Cube contains Section 16. This section refers to the binding arbitration clause and class waiver. The clause is of immense significance in the court when any individual, group or organization is trying to settle its legal disputes.
(b) People who continue to use the services of Paisa Cabin after going through the implications and meaning of the clause as mentioned here but not limited to the present definition automatically agrees to abide by the same while using our services, applications, systems, tools and content and others.
9. The details of the clause includes
(a) Links to 3rd party sites:

i. Users understand and believe that they might be re-directed to 3rd party websites or other online merchants when they any using any service or going through any link on the website.
ii. It is the sole responsibility of the user to go through the terms and conditions of the 3rd party company or the online merchant and Paisa Cube is in no way liable for any unpleasant incident.
iii. Paisa Cube is not promoting sales or services of any other company. Buying any goods, services, content, images and any other stuff from any third party website does not get the user into a business relationship with Paisa Cube.
iv. Whether user wants to purchase, sell, return, pay in cash or make online payments, whatever may be the need, the same has to be done by the user on his/ her own discretion and Paisa Cube is not going to provide any suggestion regarding any kind of third party transaction or payments through online merchants.
v. By having 3rd party links on its websites, paisa Cube in no way promotes the businesses or services of any other company.
vi. Paisa Cube cautions every user to be aware of the guidelines and policies of the third party and online merchants before transacting from their website.
vii. Paisa Cube also cautions the users to check the privacy policy of the 3rd party companies or online merchants.
viii. We also ensure that your transaction history on the 3rd party account or with the online merchant in no way impacts your business relationship with us.
ix. Paisa Cube asks the users to check for malicious, infringing, offensive, libelous or illegal materials on the 3rd party site or at the online merchant before getting into any business transaction.
x. User also understands that Paisa Cube is not aware of any such malicious, infringing, offensive, libelous or illegal materials present at the 3rd party site or at the online merchant.
xi. By reading these terms and conditions users also agree that they know Paisa Cube is not responsible for the expiration of the coupons available at its site; the same holds true also for promotions, discounts and other offers.
xii. The coupons, promotions and offers from 3rd parties are solely in control of the respective companies and Paisa Cube does not guarantee the price, promotional claims and promises made by the respective companies or the online merchants.
xiii. Users agree that they are knowingly going through the services and voluntarily agree to purchase coupons, discount offers, products or services without being forced by Paisa Cube, its advertisers or by its distributors.
xiv. Paisa Cube neither monitors nor promotes the coupons or discount offer of the 3rd party vendors or their distributors and advertisers.
xv. If user has any complaint regarding any other site, he/she must make the complaint to the respective authorities of that site.

(b) Intellectual Property Rights

i. The services of Paisa Cube are protected under India and international copyright and other intellectual property laws. All of the trademarks of Paisa Cube, our company names, product names, service names, logos and brand features are displayed by or through the services owned by us.
ii. No individual, group or company has the authorization to use company name, trademark, product names, service names, logos and brand features for their own use, transmission or exploitation.
iii. The content or materials provided by or found by Paisa Cube are owned by or licensed by Paisa Cube and are subject to copyright, trade dress, trademark, service mark, patents, under other intellectual property rights and protections under India, foreign laws and international conventions. The content mentioned here forth includes but is not limited to images, text, software, animations, graphics, photos, sound, music, videos, interactive features and scripts.
iv. If there is any 3rd party trademark present at the site of Paisa Cube the same is the sole copyright of the respective company and Paisa Cube does not claim to be its creator or promoter.
v. Paisa Cube also does not take the responsibility or endorse the 3rd party logos, graphics or trademarks present at the site.

(c) Usage of services and website

i. Users are aware of the fact that Paisa Cube does not encourage usage of its products, services, by going against law. It is expected by Paisa Cube that users will use the services agreeing to law and users acknowledge that their failing to abide by rules and regulations of the country while using the services of Paisa Cube can lead to civil and criminal liability.
ii. Users agree to use the services, products, applications, tools, software and other content of the website only for their personal use. They are not allowed to copy, save, download, retransmit or use content for commercial purpose.
iii. The products, services, content and software of Paisa Cube can only be used by individuals or companies for commercial use only with special permission from the administration and owners of Paisa Cube; the user should have the permission in writing and only is available by abiding all the rules and regulations of the country.

(d) Get the License

i. By allowing you to use the services, applications and products available on Paisa Cube, we allow you the license to be our customer but just for personal use and commercial use will require further documentation.
ii. This license to use the services and other content of Paisa Cube does not allow the user to transfer this right to anyone else. It also does not allow the user to act on anyone else's behalf on the website.
iii. All the transactions made on the website from the user's account shall be considered as done by the user and he/ she will solely be responsible for any dispute occurring from the transaction.
iv. The user has a non-exclusive and limited license to make dealings on the Paisa Cube website.

(e) Restricted and Prohibited Use

i. The users are not permitted to use manual or automated software, robots, extraction tools, scripts or devices on the website; meaning if systematic retrieval to access, like spider, harvest, scrape or crawl are found to be used from your log in on the web pages of Paisa Cube; on the data, materials available on the website and other shall be considered as legal violations.
ii. This kind of violation can lead to legal cases from the end of Paisa Cube and the user can also be charged of penalties.
iii. The user can also be permanently blocked from using the services of Paisa Cube, getting its products and services in case some malpractices are found to be performed from the account id of the user.
iv. In this regards, it is also expected that the users will immediately block their accounts in case they suspect that it is being hacked. Any kind of assistance to robotic activities on the paisa Cube site; any susceptible activity from the user end on the site or server controlled by us or by our agent is considered an offence and a malpractice from the user end.
v. Inconsistent behavior from the user end, which includes sporadic download of images, data files and tools which are generally not for use; cataloguing, aggregating or creating derivative works from the data present on the Paisa Cube site are also considered as legal offence.
vi. If you try to circumvent or violet rules and regulations of the website; if you fail to abide by the legal protocols of Paisa Cube; this will be considered as an attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the services or security safeguards present at the site. This kind of activity also includes but is not limited to logging in or trying to log in the access server which as a user you are not permitted to access or check.
vii. If you are faking about the usage of services, impersonating someone else or mispresenting your identity as any other user, be it an individual or an organization, it is considered as an interference with our services and stringent action can be taken from our part regarding this.
viii. We do not entertain reverse engineering, reverse assembling, reverse compiling, decompiling, disassembling, translating or any other attempt from the user end to derive the source code or any of the services or content.
ix. Paisa Cube also has a strict IT team who monitors any fraudulent activity like attempting to forge TCP/ IP packet header or any other part of the email header information.
x. You as a user must ensure that you will keep the username and password provided by Paisa Cube protected and will never share the same.
xi. If such personal data gets lost even after best efforts on your behalf, you are expected to immediately inform Paisa Cube of such a mishap. Usernames and passwords are non-transferable and hence you will be held responsible for any posts made using your username and password during this period or during anytime of your engagement with Paisa Cube.
xii. The services of Paisa Cube are available at India and usage of services outside the jurisdiction of the country is strictly prohibited.
xiii. If you are using the services outside the jurisdiction we take it as an acknowledgement from your end that we may collect and use your personal details outside your home jurisdiction.
xiv. We can also store your personal details and you must remember that the laws may vary widely between your home jurisdiction and the country within which we operate.

(f) Export Rules

i. We may ensure that you comply with all the export and import control rules and regulations while using, exporting or importing the services, tools, applications and products of Paisa Cube.
ii. The user is also not allowed to export or re-export anything by violating the present export and import rules. If any such transaction or activity is made using the services, tools and applications of Paisa Cube then it is the sole responsibility of the person who is making the transaction and not of Paisa Cube.

(g) Cashback Programs

i. If you enroll at the cashback program for Paisa Cube you must understand that there are special terms and conditions which govern the eligibility of individuals to participate in the program.
ii. The program is offered to selected individuals based on their transaction mode, trend and other details which are totally confidential and Paisa Cube is not liable to inform the same to its users.
iii. Cashback can be enjoyed only by users and customers who have attained the minimal age of 18.
iv. While joining is free, there can be additional charges needed to be paid in this program and the individual who wishes to attain this must acknowledge that he/ she has no constraint or objection in paying this additional charge.
v. Getting your account on Paisa Cube website and entering a valid email address is a must to be a member in this program.

(h) Payment for online transactions
(i) To simplify the payments for deals/ Coupons that are procured by You through the Website, we offer an online payment gateway facility
(j) You can make the payment in respect thereof to Paisa Cube by selecting any option like netbanking, credit/debit card or any other mode as accepted by the Website, and made available to the users from time to time.
(k) While agreeing to use the Site for online payment, you agree to accept and adhere to the terms and conditions hereof and also the relevant terms and conditions of the website of the payment gateway service provider's.
(l) You also agree, understand, assume and confirm that the credit and/or debit card details as provided by You to make the payments for deals/ Coupons done through the Website, through the on-line payment gateway mechanism will be accurate, complete and current.
(m) You also agree not to use the credit or debit card or any other bank account which is not lawfully owned by you.
(n) The information as provided by You will not be shared by Paisa Cube with any of our the third parties unless required by the law, or any court order or to facilitate and complete the purchases made by You.
(o) Paisa Cube will not be responsible for any kind of financial loss, inconvenience, forgery or mental stress that might have resulted due to misuse of your personal and sensitive information in anyway.

(p) Modification / Alteration in the Terms and Conditions

Paisa Cube reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. We may alter, suspend, discontinue or limit the use of specific portion of the Site, including availability of particular portion of the Content, any time, without any liability from our side. We reserve the right to deny access to any user at any time, for any reason; we may at any time transfer the right and obligations as stated under the Terms to any business subsidiary or affiliate or division or entity that acquires the Company or its assets. The amended Terms and Conditions will be duly posted on paisacube.com. Therefore, your continued use of the Site shall constitute your agreement to be bound by such changes.

For further clarifications on our terms and conditions, or to lodge a complaint about copyright infringement or to express concern over the Site Content, you can contact us at info@paisacube.com